Hvordan bruges en shampoo bar?

How to use a shampoo bar?

Shampoo bars are not just a trend; they are a "new" and effective way to wash your hair. A shampoo bar is simply shampoo in solid form. Normally, liquid shampoo contains 90% water, which is unnecessary since we all have water at home.

If you are curious about how to use a shampoo bar, you have come to the right place. This guide will take you through the process in simple steps so you can feel comfortable switching from liquid shampoo to a shampoo bar.

How to use a shampoo bar?

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What is a shampoo bar?

A shampoo bar is essentially liquid shampoo in solid form. It often contains ingredients of natural origin, is free of plastic and reduces waste. It is a plastic-free alternative and a more sustainable choice in relation to the fact that it takes up less space during transport and that the total transport volume can be reduced.

Why choose a shampoo bar?

  • The sustainable aspect: Shampoo bars generate less waste and there are no plastic bottles to worry about. A shampoo bar is more concentrated, as it does not contain water and therefore lasts longer, while also taking up less space during transport.
  • Economical: They're concentrated, meaning a single bar can last longer than a bottle of liquid shampoo.
  • Travel-friendly: Perfect for travel as they don't count as liquid and won't spill in your bag.

Shampoo bar that lathers

How to use a shampoo bar?

1. Wet hair and shampoo bar:

  • Start by wetting your hair thoroughly with warm water.
  • Also wet your shampoo bar or hold it under water for a few seconds.

2. Rub the shampoo bar into your hands:

  • Gently rub the shampoo bar between your hands to create a soft lather.
  • This step makes the bar more manageable and helps distribute the product evenly.

3. Massage the shampoo bar into the hair (in the direction of the hair):

  • Massage the foam into your hair in the direction of hair growth or in gentle circular motions.
  • The shampoo bar will work its way into the hair and scalp.

4. Rinse with water:

  • Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water until all the shampoo is out.

How to use a shampoo bar?


  • Store dry: Allow your shampoo bar to dry between each use. Optionally use a magnetic soap holder to help with this. A loofah soap holder is also a very economical, budget-friendly and effective alternative to hygienically store your bar of soap.
  • Adaptation: It can take some time for your hair to get used to shampoo bars, so be patient and give it a few weeks.

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