"My cardboard box looks used"

Exactly, it is too!

We use recycled cardboard boxes and paper fillings.

We spend extra time collecting recycled and clean cardboard boxes and paper fillings.

Local companies such as Imerco Billund collect its packaging, which we collect and reuse for our shipments.

You may therefore find that some cardboard boxes look used or that there is plastic tape on them.

If we do not have a small enough cardboard box for your order, we may be able to use a new envelope instead, as this is better than using an oversized cardboard box.

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  • 📦 Recycled cardboard boxes

    All cardboard boxes are recycled. Some of our suppliers also use recycled packaging, and you may therefore experience getting your dishwashing soap bar wrapped in a newspaper from Amsterdam.

  • ♻️ Recycled filling

    We use recycled paper filling and compostable corn filling. If you receive plastic filling, it is because we have received it from our suppliers.

  • 🙅🏽‍♀️ Paper tape

    We do not use plastic tape, only our beautiful paper tape. The plastic tape that may appear is leftovers from the cardboard boxes that we recycle.

"Plant Me"

With your order, you always receive a handwritten business card that can be planted. The card is made from recycled paper and contains a mixture of 20 native wildflower seeds.

How do you do it?

  1. Tear it into smaller pieces
  2. Go outside in the garden
  3. Throw some soil on top of the paper
  4. Wait for your beautiful wild flowers

Do you have questions?

You are always very welcome to contact us at mail@conscious.dk or use our contact form . We respond to all inquiries within 1 business day.